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All I want is world peace
…. And perfect Eyebrows
My goal at Spring Permanent Makeup is to enhance your outer beauty and uplift your inner beauty. Please call me to schedule your complementary consultation* experience with your very own permanent makeup artist.

There are so many wonderful things about permanent makeup. You will have your own personal makeup artist. I will consult with you every step I take. You will pick your own color to match your glowing skin type. Think of how wonderful it will be to get up in the morning and have your permanent makeup in place and not have it rubbed off on your pillow case.

Each procedure is a 2-part process. The first session is to design your new brows, eyeliner and lips and to deposit the first coat of pigment under the skin. When you leave they will look perfect, however, depending on skin type, aftercare and color choice they may heal lighter and possibly patchy after the first session. A little bit like painting a wall, after the second session your brows will really come to life. This second treatment is to perfect the shape and color, going over the whole brow again filling in any patches or shape change that may have occurred during the healing process.

Pencil can be applied if necessary between appointments to keep your brows looking beautiful. And this will now be so much more enjoyable as you will have the perfect guide to follow.

You will be amazed at the time you will save. You will feel excited, exquisite and alluring!

*Consultation are $50.00 for 30 minutes and the $50.00 will be applied to the procedure if scheduled and performed within 30 days of consultation .

About Spring Permanent Makeup
Spring Permanent Makeup Artist Christy Stratton

Permanent Makeup Artist
Christy Stratton

My passion in life is making people feel confident and good about themselves. After flying as a coordinator with Delta Airlines Internationally for 20 years, I decided to retire and change up my career. I then worked in the medical field, as an insurance coordinator for bariatrics. Getting patients approved, through their insurance for bariatric surgery, which proved very rewarding to be a part of each individual and see the changes in their life’s. I have had my cosmetology license since I was 18 and have been the owner of 2 salons. I am currently a licensed permanent makeup artist. My husband and I recently started a garden for the first time. It amazes me every time I look at how the plants grow. Be sure and watch it on my blog. I am currently a licensed permanent makeup artist. My hobbies include reading, golf, and walking.


1. extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.
“exquisite, jewellike portraits”
synonyms: beautiful, lovely, elegant, fine;
magnificent, superb, excellent, wonderful, ornate, well crafted, well made, perfect;
delicate, fragile, dainty, subtle
“exquisite antique glass”



1. the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
“people for whom gold holds no allure”
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Spring, Texas 77388

Phone: (214) 202-4622

Email: christy@permanentmakeupdesign.com

Hours: M-T 9AM-5PM

Fridays & Saturdays available upon request